Need airside delivery? No problem!

Airports are amazing places, with miles of corridors inside, and vast landing strips without. For example, Heathrow is a vast city-in-itself, with four terminals and a surface space of 12.14 km². The 2004 film ‘The Terminal’ illustrated this perfectly, with the lead character residing in an airport with every facility he could need, while he awaited permission to enter the USA. Based on a true story, the film told the story of a young gentleman who actually lived in a terminal of JFK airport for eighteen full years.

The logistics challenge for transporting goods landside
Luckily, our aviation customers are allowed to leave the airport at the conclusion of their shift. However, with all of that floor area to traverse, it can be challenging to get workwear and PPE through the myriad different security clearance checks across the airport, to arrive on time in the right place. As a result of the security restrictions in place in all UK airports, most deliveries are left landside, to avoid the delays of navigating the boundaries through extensive security, customs and passport control.

Each UK airport is mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority and Department of Transport to have in place certain security measures, including an Airport Pass Scheme. This makes many goods providers wary of delivering airside, as it can be challenging logistically to gain the correct level of security clearance.

We have worked with our Aviation partners for a number of years, to identify some of the key issues they experience day to day when it comes to having their PPE and workwear delivered on time, in the right place. As a result, SMI provides a full airside delivery service, to lessen the workload for our aviation industry customers, and deliver the goods to exactly the right area.

The PPE and workwear you need, right where you need it
As a firm approved to provide airside delivery to UK airports, we have the ability to reduce the hassle associated with receipt of goods, through qualified drivers and operatives. Our couriers are skilled, experienced drivers with extensive working knowledge of UK airports, the security process and regulations applying to our deliveries. Our airside delivery service prevents operatives from having to transport products across the airport, increasing safety through minimising landside traffic, and expediting the drop-off. Aviation staff benefit from reduced administration and haulage of their PPE deliveries, safe in the knowledge that our experienced drivers will be compliant and professional in their approach.

Taking the hassle out of the process of ordering
SMI’s service reduces the headache of ordering PPE and workwear, by navigating the usual security clearance process. Rather than having to scan the goods upon arrival at the airport and then loading them up for delivery to the right area, when your order arrives, it is checked in through security buy our operatives, and taken right to the most convenient area for aviation staff. We work hard to ensure that our drivers follow all the correct protocol to maximise safety, to offer our aviation partners a streamlined next-day delivery, no transportation process, and an expedited security clearance.

Waiting for your goods to arrive and getting them to the right place may not take a full eighteen years, but it can be made more efficient by partnering with SMI. We understand the hassle that ordering your safety gear can cause, and the delays associated with security clearance at UK airports. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can expedite the process and make it more convenient and secure, through our airside delivery service.