Five Ways to Improve Your PPE, Today

Having effective PPE is usually one of the routine tasks which any company faces on an ongoing basis Equipping your team with the right kit to uphold their safety is not just a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a regulatory requirement. Unsafe Personal Protective Equipment can be both costly and damaging to your organisation and operatives, and the impacts of poor PPE are much broader than the increased risk of harm.

As a result, it’s important to ensure that your firm and staff have the right safety gear, in the right place, in the right timescales. To make sure you’re optimising your PPE range and keeping your team safe, we’ve compiled the top five ways you can make a positive change, today…

Do your admin

Ordering PPE is often done in an unmanaged way, as individual operatives note that certain items and products form their kit are coming up to the end of their natural lifecycle. However, having an ungoverned ordering approach means that you’re not able to benefit from identifying trends, or prevent maverick spending on your company account.

Rather than having unmanaged orders, consider implementing automated authorisation, so a Senior member of the team has full visibility of the orders being placed, and can draw down reports to analyse trends. You can then use this insight to forecast future demand, and set up full administration to maintain control, cap spend and develop a system to maintain insights.

Make your PPE purchase a collaborative effort

Rather than keeping the same catalogue of products for your PPE kit month in, month out, consider having a collaborative partnership with your PPE provider. By meeting or speaking regularly through proactive contract management, you’ll gain insight into new products and materials coming to market as they arrive, and be ideally placed to equip your operatives with the most innovative safety kit on the market.

Customise your PPE

If your operatives face the same challenges each day with their PPE kit, it’s worth working in partnership with your provider to design out flaws and innovate to overcome key safety issues. Make sure you choose a PPE provider who is open to research and development of new products, to enable you to obtain a customised or tailored solution to overcome safety risks and challenges in your industry. A proactive PPE provider will jump at the opportunity of mitigating risks and using their design capabilities to create new items to meet your unique needs.

Engage with your team

If you’re responsible for sourcing your organisation’s catalogue of PPE products, it’s critical that you talk with your operatives regularly to see how the kit is performing for them, in the role. Having any distance between the purchaser and user of the products can lead to a disconnect, where you continue to re-order items which are not ideal for their purpose. This can lower the morale of your team, and have an associated risk in terms of reduced protection. Speak to your operatives often, and specifically ask how comfort and safety could be improved.

Monitor your purchasing trends

Often, analysing previous trends and fluctuations in ordering can provide really valuable insight into the PPE health of your organisation. Tracking surges in demand for key products may indicate that the items are being used incorrectly or aren’t fit for their purpose. Similarly, by tracking your purchasing history, you and your PPE provider can work together to highlight inefficiency and identify where you can make savings – enabling you to pass on the saving to your team, through purchasing a greater quality of PPE.

If you would like SMI to support you to improve your PPE performance and purchasing, get in touch with one of our friendly team today, and we’ll talk you through the process! Thinking about improving your Workwear at the same time? Watch this space and we’ll give you some helpful hints in our next blog.