Did you know, SMI is now offering uniform recycling service?

In today’s climate-conscious world, every organisation needs to place ethical behaviours at the centre of their business practices. While the growing pressures on firms nationally to adopt sustainable behaviours may seem overwhelming, sometimes just a few simple steps in the right direction can transform your organisation and make a genuine impact upon your overall sustainability.

At SMI, we want to be proactive in supporting you to achieve your targets for ethical operations. This is why we’ve developed a truly simple and streamlined Uniform Recycling service which breathes new life into your old Workwear. All products have a shelf life, and some occasionally fall below safety standards after prolonged use. In these cases, rather than sending them to landfill, or finding their way on to the black market, you can now securely destroy these goods and recycle them.

Partner with SMI today, to be confident that your obsolete uniform and PPE is recycled in an ethical and sustainable way, without compromising the security of your brand.

Download our brochure here.  Speak to your Account Manager today for more information.