Five key reasons to renew your hand protection

When it comes to kitting your workforce out with the right Personal Protective Equipment, it’s common for employers to consider the specialist PPE which is tailored to each role, and develop consistent Wearer Packs accordingly. However, hand protection can often be ignored through this process, as safety gloves issued to your workforce may be standardised, so often overlooked during the wider PPE review process.

Undervaluing great hand protection can have a detrimental effect on the productivity, safety and morale of your team, given the critical importance of hand safety. As one of the most important areas of the body, hands can be taken for granted, but any injury may be devastating should workers only have access to sub-standard gloves which are specifically designed for the role. Because of this, we thought we’d outline the five key reasons why regularly reviewing your hand protection is a very good return on investment for you and your workforce…

To enhance the degree of safety available for your team

In the PPE market, suppliers continually work globally to access the very latest products and materials available to the sector. This means that hand protection is continually being improved, enhanced and upgraded as new materials come to market, and innovations lead to more robust, reliable and protective kit. By scheduling in regular reviews, you can work with your supplier to identify the very latest products entering the sector, and access better hand protection through the review process.

Products such as our Rokwear Nitrile Coated Handling Glove provide Nitrile coating, flexibility, excellent dexterity and high abrasion resistance – qualities which products even a decade ago didn’t feature. By introducing the latest available hand protection, you provide your workforce with improved comfort, fit, safety and durability, without requiring significant additional expenditure.

To rationalise your catalogue of approved products

By conducting regular reviews of spend on hand protection, you gain the advantage of being able to slim down your approved range, to ensure only the best value, and most appropriate, products are provided for your team. As the industry evolves, PPE is improved without incurring additional costs, when new materials enter the market. By evaluating your approved range against newly-available products, you get the opportunity to rationalise the quantity in the range, and make informed choices about the ideal selection to provide for your team.

For example, products such as our Gripflex Challenger Glove (product code: OGL.2055) priced at £1.25 is suitable for a broad range of applications including construction, and Local Authority tasks such as waste collection and landscape gardening – enabling you to streamline your product suite, without compromising on safety. Reducing the variety of hand protection on offer to your workforce also makes it easier for your team to make appropriate selections depending upon the tasks they are undertaking – reducing the margin for errors.

By choosing multifunctional, adaptable hand protection, you can also benefit from economies of scale from bulk purchasing, and maximise control over spend through a reduced product suite.


To provide opportunities for workforce training

Despite their status as a commonplace component of all PPE kits, glove functionality and recommended deployment can vary significantly depending upon what they are being required to safeguard against. This means that two gloves which at first glance appear to be exactly the same, can have very different safety ratings and purposes. Reviewing your hand protection provides a great opportunity to reinforce training with your team, to ensure that they choose the ideal glove according to the job they will be undertaking. Hazards such as use of chemicals require specific products to ensure hand safety, and gloves with differing cut resistance ratings or grip levels will be deployed for very different purposes. As you introduce new items to your PPE portfolio for hand protection, take the opportunity to deliver refresher training to your team, to optimise the correct deployment of specific products in different environments.


To engage external assistance in maximising safety

Your PPE providers are specialists in the Health & Safety sector, and firms such as SMI are happy to provide advice, consultancy, product demonstrations and workforce training to ensure that the products you purchase for your team are outperforming and used in the correct way to optimise the safety of your team.

Going through a review of your hand protection is an ideal opportunity to engage your PPE provider and see what added value they can offer in terms of guidance and on-site support. At SMI, we make a commitment to being on-site at any customer premises required within just 72 hours of our being asked, to deliver safety training and product demonstrations in person.

To maximise the value your PPE delivers

As product ranges are continually being improved, it’s likely that each time you review your portfolio of hand protection, your PPE provider will have updated their stock catalogue to feature higher-specification items, at equivalent prices. Also, as PPE evolves, products tend to be more versatile, serving multiple functions as effectively as individual purpose-developed items. For example, the Rokwear PU coated Cut C glove (product code: OGL.2099) has high abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent dexterity – making it a versatile choice capable or replacing a number of task-specific products.


To simplify safety compliance for your workforce

These days, with the number of different products available on the market for hand protection, it can be confusing for your team to know the exact product they need to be wearing, to safeguard against specific hazards. When you review your product portfolio, it provides you with opportunities to streamline things for your team, using colour coding to differentiate between different gloves for different purposes. Products such as our Cut C high cut-resistant glove features a green colour-coded liner, which affords instant recognition of the cut protection level.


Regular reviews of your PPE suite will provide you with a number of benefits in addition to simply ensuring your team stay safe on the job. If you’d like any advice or guidance in rationalising or optimising your approved catalogue of products, SMI will be happy to help. Get in touch with a member of our team today, and leverage the benefits of a complete hand protection overhaul.