SMI is proud to be partnering with Race Recycling to enhance our Recycling Scheme and offer a truly simple and streamlined service which breathes new life into your old Workwear and PPE products.

Race Recycling provides a disposal solution for all our customers, aiming to recycling everything that passes through their recycling centres. Their greatest strength is the transparent approach they take to responsible recycling, providing our customers with the confidence that their garments and products are in good hands and positively impacting the environment. As one of largest companies in the market Race can offer our customers the opportunity to process a wider range of clothing and PPE products, removing any ‘smoke and mirrors’ and being up-front about the entire process.

Adopting the ‘Zero to landfill’ approach, Race aims to capture the most resource from the waste they collected. Promising our customers that zero products will go to landfill and 100% of recyclable products will be recycled with the remaining materials recovered.

Extending product lifespan

One major benefit to this scheme is that our courier, DPD, now collect your boxes and deliver them straight to Race Recycling centres. This is a huge benefit to SMI, as our previous scheme required the boxes to go through our Distribution Centre in Fareham, where the contents of the boxes was deposited and securely stored in special bins before getting collected ready for disposal. With our new scheme this not only skips the middleman, giving our warehouse teams more time to focus on our customers orders, but it also reduces the number of deliveries and collections per order lowering the carbon emissions associated with this scheme.

Partner with us today, to be confident that your obsolete uniform and PPE is recycled in an ethical and sustainable way, without compromising the security of your brand.

How does it work?

Our recycling scheme follows the same process as before in many ways, with any changes providing benefits that positively impact the environment.  

Step one: Contact your Customer Experience Specialist or order your recycling boxes via our website or your MY-SMI portal. You can still choose to order from the three different options: either two boxes, four or eight using the same product codes as before each box at 120 litres.  

Step two: Fill your boxes with any clothing, textiles, PPE, safety helmets, gloves, safety boots, plastic, and non-woven items. The only caveat is these boxes must be kept clean and dry, free from secondary contamination and away from general waste. SMI and Race will do the rest! 

Step three: Once your box is ready for collection, please contact SMI and we will arrange for DPD to collect your boxes and delivery them straight to Race recycling centres.

Step four: Race responsibly and securely recycle and repurpose the contents of the boxes.

Step five: The SMI cardboard recycling boxes are baled and sent to Race Recycling's sister company Elsa Recycling Group to be recycled.

Step six: SMI can provide our customers with a certificate of secure destruction at the end of the calendar month. If you would like your certificate, please contact the team at SMI.

Order online, or if you have a MY-SMI account with us you can order your Recycling boxes through your portal.


Recycling Scheme Process

Read our Recycling Booklet for more information

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