Fortdress Drying Cabinet Speed Dry

Product Code: TRST11030

Price: £4,850.00

Drying cabinet in the speedDry series, made of hot galvanised sheet metal, powder-coated, double-wing doors with magnetic fastener with interlock function. Aluminium dryer arms for shoes and gloves (oval aluminium) with unique Steurer speedDry blow-out end caps, clothes rail for hanging up clothes hangers.Powerful ebm-papst blower with approx. 385 m³ air displacement per hour, high-quality stainless steel heating coil to heat the air (overtemperature protection), with optimum ionisation unit to neutralise odours and remove pathogens from the air in an ozone-free manner. The new xControl control unit with colour display and industrystandard plastic foil keyboard provides the operator with a simple and intuitive as well as multi-lingual user interface for managing the timing and power consumption of the system. The timers have variable settings and a countdown time can also be enabled (countdown function). As an option, the xControl controller is also able to activate a definable drying cycle, which it does using an external input (EIB/house controller etc.).

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