The UK Aviation sector is one of the safest in the world, with an enviable track record for keeping operatives and passengers clear of risk.

Despite this excellent safety record, the UK invests significant time and innovation in identifying potential causes of accidents and reducing their likelihood so that safety can be continuously improved.


Our Aviation-sector operatives are responsible for a range of tasks required to ensure that planes are ready and safe to take flight. One of the key aspects of this process is the need to load and unload luggage and freight items, often working under pressure to tight timescales, and handling potentially hazardous, heavy and delicate cargo. Handlers are required to follow stringent method statements to keep them safe, while managing the huge amount of cargo. As an example, Heathrow estimates that around 53 million pieces of luggage are transported via plane each year – that’s a significant amount of moving and handling for the Grounds team.

Ground Handlers also undertake mechanical and electrical repairs to aircraft. All of these processes involve a degree of risk, requiring Handlers to observe strict health and safety protocols. (Read our blog post on Ground Handling agents here!)

The demands and risks associated with Ground Handling professions mean that high-quality, durable and compliant PPE and Workwear is a critical element of the broader organisational Health & Safety strategy. Because SMI concentrate our procurement and production to serve just seven sectors, we have been able to create a tailored portfolio of products to meet Ground Handling team’s unique safety needs. Head over to our catalogue, to browse our products and choose your ideal PPE and workwear items to keep your Aviation team safe, streamline your ordering process and benefit from efficiency, exemplary service and knowledgeable staff, today.