Highways & Utilities

As one of the UK’s most hazardous and taxing industries for staff, Highways & Utilities firms nationally are under more pressure than ever before to uphold the safety of their staff, while maximising performance and reducing expenditure.

Innovations and expansions across the UK’s highways will bring positive change in terms of efficiency, but have an associated increase in risk for operatives on the front-line. Similarly, the growing investment in autonomous vehicles and creative transport solutions bring a new series of hazards which the industry is taxed with mitigating.

As a result, our Highways & Utilities partners require more effective PPE and Workwear than ever before. The requirement to stay visible, comfortable and safe while undertaking front-line services is paramount. At SMI, we recognise the current and emerging risks to operatives in the industry, and the critical need to ensure that safety wear reflects these challenges in full.

We have worked in close collaboration with our Highways & Utilities partners nationally, to ensure that our catalogue of products and in-house manufacturing is tailored to the specific requirements of the sector. By listening carefully to the issues our customers face, and then working together to pilot, test and refine our product suite, we have been ideally placed to present a product portfolio which is safe, durable, cost-effective, and absolutely fit-for-purpose in the sector.

National figures show Highways & Utilities casualties are at their lowest level for over forty years. However, studies rank this sector as the sixteenth most hazardous occupation in the UK. Get in touch with us today, to keep your team safe by partnering with SMI for all of your PPE and Workwear needs, and see how we can reduce costs, enhance safety and streamline your ordering process.