Local Authorities

SMI has been partnering with Local Authorities nationally, since our inception in 1981.

Over time, we have continually learned, developed and enhanced our customer service, products and ordering process to maximise simplicity, reliability and value for our Local Authority customers.

We understand the unique requirements of Council staff, to both look pristine as representatives to the public, while ensuring that their Workwear is comfortable, durable and fully protective. Staff undertake a vast array of challenging tasks, from grounds maintenance, waste collection and recycling through to building and property maintenance and street repairs. Our Local Authority partners require outstanding-quality Workwear, PPE and safety footwear to maximise safety while smartly representing Councils in the community.

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Our comprehensive range of Workwear has been refined and enhanced in collaboration with our Local Authority partners, to ensure that it fully meets the diverse safety and comfort needs of Council operatives. From safety footwear which is durable and comfortable enough to withstand miles of walking through to high-performing outerwear capable of protecting staff through all weathers, our range is tailored to deliver results in terms of safety, longevity and smartness.

To find out more about our comprehensive range of Workwear for Local Authorities, get in touch with one of our friendly team today, to see how partnering with SMI will reduce costs, enhance safety and remove the hassles from your PPE procurement.

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