Warehousing & Logistics

The Warehousing & Logistics industry is a booming sector, generating annual UK revenue of c£21bn, and an annual growth rate of over 11%.

This positive growth also brings an increased reporting of work-related accidents, however, with the Health & Safety Executive estimating that the industry reports c8,500 incidents, annually.

Because of this, SMI is committed to investing in research and development for our customers in the sector, in recognition of the growing demand for high-quality, compliant and high-value PPE and Workwear.

At SMI, we understand that the right PPE is an indispensable element of safe working, supporting Warehouse Operatives and Delivery Drivers with the right garments, accessories and footwear to manage the demands and challenges inherent within their role. Ill-fitting, uncomfortable or undependable products cost firms in terms of both risk to staff, and ongoing purchasing costs.

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We work with suppliers globally, in addition to in-house manufacturing, to source and produce high quality, durable and comfortable PPE and Workwear which complies to all legislation, and fully meets the requirements of this demanding and arduous sector.

Working in collaboration with long-standing partners including Greggs Distribution, DFDS Logistics and Brakes, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of products which we continuously update and improve as our customer’s needs evolve.

Whether this is through identifying enhanced materials for our own products, or seeking out improvements in durability, safety and comfort for sourced items, we ensure that our catalogue represents the best which our industry has to offer. Because of this, our Warehousing & Logistics customers partner with us in full confidence, trusting us to meet their new and evolving needs, wishes and preferences for their PPE.

In this demanding and high-risk sector, it’s important that your partner for PPE can be depended upon to anticipate and meet your needs. Contact one of our friendly team today, to discuss your requirements and find out how we can transform the safety, wellbeing and comfort of your team.

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