Waste & Recycling

The Waste & Recycling sector has never been more vital, relevant and indispensable than it is in today’s society.

With the growing global consciousness relating to the impact of waste on the environment, and the increasing commitment to recycling, the sector is experiencing consistent growth and a renewed investment.

The Waste industry is inherently hazardous, with operatives working on a daily basis with toxic, heavy, and potentially injurious materials and substances. As a result, Waste & Recycling teams are reliant upon effective, durable protective equipment and workwear which maximises dexterity, while minimising or eradicating potential risks.


The industry in the UK is anticipated to gradually reduce the volume of landfill continually, while growing public awareness will work to improve recycling volumes, and become more ethical in the management of biodegradable waste. The evolving approach to Waste Management and Recycling will require close monitoring to ensure that PPE and Workwear in turn evolves, to accommodate emerging needs and ongoing improvements.

Within SMI, our Research & Product Development division has worked consistently with the Waste & Recycling industry, collaborating with our customers to source innovative new materials and products, and design and manufacture outstanding protective gear. Our long-standing relationships with our customers in the sector (including DS Smith Recycling, PHS Waste management and Viridor Waste), to streamline ordering, maximise value and continually enhance safety and protection.

The longevity of our customer relationships in the sector has enabled us to focus our research, continuous improvement and investment in the sector. This has resulted in an efficient process, and a knowledgeable team with full insight into the unique needs and challenges of our Waste & Recycling customers.

To discover how SMI will partner with you to maximise safety while transforming your existing PPE and Workwear procurement process, contact one of our friendly team today, for an informal conversation.

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