Working in Partnership

SMI has been working with Evri (previously Hermes) since 2019, delivering a range of products to their ever-growing team of parcel delivery operatives and employees throughout the UK.

With SMI's dependable and reliable service, we were brought on, on a confidential basis, as part of a large project in 2021 to help establish how Hermes could
evolve and rebrand into Evri, the UK’s biggest dedicated parcel delivery company.

  • Create a strong branded uniform that their 7,000 employees are proud to wear. 
  • Give expert product advise; including logo application and placements.
  • Supply a broad range of workplace safety products.
  • Deliver 50,000 branded products successfully within 6 weeks.

Footwear Trials

Not only have we supported Evri with their rebrand, but we have also worked very closely on conducting footwear trials, establishing the best fitting options for their employees, whilst keeping the Health and Safety department happy with footwear that meets workplace standards.

We received excellent feedback from both sides, and were able to deliver compliant safety footwear that excelled in quality and performance whilst offering a stylish feature of their brand uniform.

Rokwear safety trainer

Quality Performance

Whilst it is essential to see how well a product has been made and what standards it conforms to, it is also just as important to look at other factors that make a top quality product.

  • Garment resilience and strength of the fabric
  • Wash capacity
  • Branding application; heat-seal vs embroidery
  • Colour vibrance
  • Fabric texture and feel
  • Features: Fastenings, pockets and pull ties

Evri uniform


“The majority of what we use within the network is Rokwear. It’s a smart corporate look, the textures great, it washes well, the look is good, and the colours are on brand, we had a lot of compliments come in which is always really good to hear.”

- Evri


“SMI impresses me with great account management; we always have knowledgeable responses and work in partnership to achieve our goals. The cost savings and the quality of all the products are great, and they bring new ideas to the table."

- Evri



The power of branding

When done right, a brand can evoke trust, reliability, and authenticity, shaping your audiences’ perceptions and building a true emotional connection leading to long-term loyalty and advocacy.

Brand power