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SMI recognises the importance of joining the race to becoming net zero and the fight against climate change. SMI has implemented the ESG framework because we believe that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues. SMI have adopted a people driven approach, involving all employees across departments focusing on operating in an ecological beneficial way. 

One of the vital steps SMI have taken include being accredited by the widely used international standard Environmental Management Systems ISO 14011. This certification helps SMI to concentrate on reducing environmental impacts in relation to our operations and ensure legal compliance.

Sustainability Strategy

Certified Company

Carbon Neutral

We understand some emissions are unavoidable. However, by offsetting our emissions, we can bring balance back to the planet.

SMI have focused on measuring and calculating our operational carbon emissions – from heating our office, to manufacturing, packaging, and transporting our products.

Working with ClimatePartner, a leading provider for climate solutions, we have utilised this data to help SMI to reduce our carbon emissions and offset unabated emissions through our chosen projects.

In 2021 SMI’s operational carbon emissions calculation was 434,000 kg C02, across our Head Office and Warehouse Facility, which has now been offset through our chosen social impact and green energy projects, helping restore balance to the carbon cycle.

But the work doesn't stop there. We aim to reduce emissions where possible year on year. This reduction, along with a continued commitment to offsetting, means we'll remain climate neutral for every year to come!

Carbon Neutral Tracking ID

Carbon neutral balance

Carbon Neutral Project 1


Cleaning drinking water is a basic human right many take for granted. It is estimated that over 2 billion people still do not have access to clean drinking water. A great number of families spend hours per day collecting firewood and boiling their drinking water over an open fire resulting in Co2 emissions and deforestation.

This project provides access to clean drinking water to approximately 102,000 additional residents in Tete, Sofala and Manica provinces in central Mozambique, by installing boreholes, a form of drilling system where natural water can be extracted from the ground directly.

The social and environmental benefits this project offers are the reasons why we selected this project:

● Improve hygiene and wellbeing including a reduction of disease like Cholera.
● Less firewood is consumed per household.
● Boreholes reduce the time spent collecting firewood and water. This time can now be used on education and generating additional income.
● Estimated 180,000 tonnes of C02 emissions are reduction per year through this project.

Borehole: Clean drinking water

Carbon Neutral Project 2


This worldwide project focuses on cleaning up the plastic from the ocean, with additional efforts in regional areas providing sustainable renewable energy through solar energy and wind farms. These combined projects are committed to collecting 10kg of plastic for every tonne of CO2 that is offset, having a positive environmental and social impact. The ocean is a natural carbon sink that absorbs and stores a quarter of the carbon from the atmosphere, meaning healthy oceans are key to stabilising the climate.

Plastic Bank have spearheaded this project with local communities where members can collect plastic in return for a fair and stable income, alongside access to fresh food, clean drinking water, toiletries and access to finance for their children’s education. The charity has provided over 2,300 jobs so far. These social benefits help members, and their families improve their overall way of life; as poverty, sanitation, health, and access to a source of income are all made more accessible.

Plastic bottles in ocean

Sustainable Suppliers

We're building great relationships with key suppliers who are as passionate about the environment as we are.

One such supplier is DPD, who we use as our primary delivery partner. DPD's packages are made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable, and they're also committed to greener energy, with 3,000 electric vehicles operating throughout the UK.

It's estimated that DPD have made 32,390,179 green deliveries in 2022 so far, saving an amazing 8,600,855 of CO2, which means our partnership with DPD ensures that your workwear and PPE can be delivered to you without costing the earth.

Eco-Friendly Workwear

We work closely with our suppliers to stock their recycled, recyclable and reusable products, ensuring your safety is as sustainable as possible.

To name a few, we currently supply:

Regatta's Honestly Made range - a range of workwear made from 100% recycled materials. Each garment contains a certain amount of recycled plastic bottles, from two all the way up to forty!

Leo Workwear's EcoViz range - a leading brand of high visibility clothing made from recycled or sustainably sourced fabrics. All EcoViz products fully conform to EN ISO 20471 whilst constructed from fabrics derived either from recycled clothing or recycled plastic bottles.

Traffi's LXT range - Traffi's LXT range became carbon neutral in 2020. This means your hand protection could have zero negative impact on the environment to the point of delivery.

What Else Are We Doing?

Workwear recycling scheme

Recycling scheme

Workwear recycling scheme

By giving your old workwear and PPE a second life, we can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills or incinerated.

Shredding and recycling of workwear is the most common method of uniform recycling and one we'd recommend if you have concerns about people impersonating your staff. Once shredded, the fibres are then used to create rags, wiping cloths, wool clothing, carpets, insulation, cushions, or even stuffing for car seats or mattresses.

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Paperless WMS

Paperless WMS

Paperless WMS

We've moved to a paperless management system in our Kites Croft Distribution Centre.

Not only have we reaped the rewards of better organisation, increased efficiencies, and enhanced security, but reducing our reliance on paper has made our operations far more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Reduce plastic packaging

Reduce plastic packaging

Reduce plastic packaging

Plastic waste refers to the accumulation of plastic objects in the environment that negatively affect wildlife, habitats, and humans. A significant amount of plastic ends up in landfills or is dumped on land or in rivers before ending up in the ocean. 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been created over six decades and over 90% of it isn't recycled. It's becoming increasingly clear our planet can't cope with this amount of plastic polluting the environment, and the urgency to reduce plastic waste has increased in recent years.

To do our bit, we're changing the materials we use in our packaging to reduce the amount of plastic that we need to use. Additionally, any orders that go through our own in-house production facilities are not bagged in plastic packaging, keeping the amount of plastic we use to a minimum.

Motion lighting

Motion lighting

Motion lighting

We use motion lighting in our Kitescroft Distribution Centre which eliminates the possibility that lights will be accidentally left on.

This reduces our electricity consumption, which in turn helps reduce carbon emissions.

Recycle/re-use boxes

Recycle/re-use boxes

Recycle/re-use boxes

We recycle our own boxes wherever possible and re-use supplier boxes.

This helps us to reduce any waste sent to landfill, therefore also reducing greenhouse gases which are emitted. Additionally, recycled or re-using cardboard helps to save energy and trees!

Reducing Part Shipments
Reducing Part Shipments

We don't part-ship any orders below £250, which has greatly helped in reducing our carbon emissions.

Fewer shipments mean fewer deliveries, meaning less fuel consumption and emissions!

Work From Home

Work From Home

Work From Home

Our office staff can work from home at least one day per week, which helps to reduce travel emissions from commutes and saves the need to heat, cool, or light some parts of the office.

The flexibility in work-life balance also affords our staff extra time in the week to make an impact on the environment if they wish to - even if it's just looking after their garden, growing fruit and veg, or composting!

SMI have started a forest,
and are planting trees on your behalf!

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As SMI continues our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact for the planet, we are introducing a new tree planting scheme whereby your orders can help make a difference against the climate crisis. With every £1000 order placed, we are planting a tree on our customers behalf – growing our SMI forest!

SMI's Eco Workwear and PPE Catalogue

We work closely with our suppliers to stock their recycled, recyclable, and reusable products, ensuring your safety is as sustainable as possible.

Eco Catalogue

Meet Our ESG Manager

“SMI is excited to have a very clear roadmap for our climate-neutral journey/goals, but it doesn’t stop there! We’re facing up to the future, doing more with our products,  suppliers, customers and our impact on the environment."

- Lizzie Mellor, Environmental Social Governance Manager

SMI ESG Officer

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