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As a leading supplier of workwear and PPE to the Waste, Transport and Logistics, Public and Support Sectors, SMI are taking responsibility and action to help preserve our planet, our stakeholder’s wellbeing and reaching net zero. We 
have focused on measuring and calculating our operational carbon emissions – from heating our office, to manufacturing, packaging, and transporting our products. Working with ClimatePartner, a leading provider for climate solutions, we have utilised this data to help SMI to reduce our carbon emissions and offset unabated emissions through our chosen projects.

In 2021 SMI’s operational carbon emissions calculation was 434,000 kg C02, across our Head Office and Warehouse Facility, which has now been offset through our chosen social impact and green energy projects, helping restore balance to the carbon cycle. In addition to this, SMI decided to go one step further by switching to green electricity by purchasing Energy Attribute Certificates as an immediate reduction, cancelling 164MWh to achieve 100% renewable electricity use in 2021.

SMI Carbon Journey 2022-2023

Project 1


Cleaning drinking water is a basic human right many take for granted. It is estimated that over 2 billion people still do not have access to clean drinking water. A great number of families spend hours per day collecting firewood and boiling their drinking water over an open fire resulting in Co2 emissions and deforestation. This project provides access to clean drinking water to approximately 102,000 additional residents in Tete, Sofala and Manica provinces in central Mozambique, by installing boreholes, a form of drilling system where natural water can be extracted from the ground directly.

The social and environmental benefits this project offers are the reasons why we selected this project.

Improve hygiene and wellbeing including a reduction of disease like Cholera.
Less firewood is consumed per household.
Boreholes reduce the time spent collecting firewood and water. This time can now be used on education and generating additional income.
Estimated 180,000 tonnes of C02 emissions are reduction per year through this project.

Borehole: Clean drinking water

Project 2


This worldwide project focuses on cleaning up the plastic from the ocean, with additional efforts in regional areas providing sustainable renewable energy through solar energy and wind farms. These combined projects are committed to collecting 10kg of plastic for every tonne of CO2 that is offset, having a positive environmental and social impact. The ocean is a natural carbon sink that absorbs and stores a quarter of the carbon from the atmosphere, meaning healthy oceans are key to stabilising the climate. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year, polluting the ocean and endangering the marine wildlife. The majority of developing countries have limited infrastructure for proper waste disposal creating an environmental threat.

Plastic Bank have spearheaded this project with local communities where members can collect plastic in return for a fair and stable income, alongside access to fresh food, clean drinking water, toiletries and access to finance for their children’s education. The charity has provided over 2,300 jobs so far. These social benefits help members, and their families improve their overall way of life; as poverty, sanitation, health, and access to a source of income are all made more accessible.

Plastic bottles in ocean


Looking at the carbon footprint for our products is the next vital steps SMI will be taking. Measuring and calculating the emissions of the product’s entire life cycle. We will start with a selective range of products, measuring and calculating the emissions across the products life cycle, helping us release a carbon neutral range by the end of 2023. We will then continue this journey across all our hi-vis and work wear products.

SMI company targets to reduce carbon footprint



We're working hard to provide the same level of protection we offer our customers to the planet and its people. Discover more about the steps we're taking to tackle climate change.

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