After a 12-month thorough design and development process, SMI are marking a pivotal moment in hi-vis innovation as they proudly unveil the Rokwear Hi-Vis Ballistic Jogger.

A revolutionary piece that redefines comfort, functionality, and style for modern professionals.

As industries have shifted and work tasks have evolved, so too have the requirements for clothing.

The rigid, bulky nature of the ballistic cargo trouser is a current staple in the realm of workwear. While suitable for some workplaces, it often imposes restrictions and discomfort, failing to meet the demands of today’s dynamic work environment.

In light of this, the Rokwear Hi-Vis Ballistic Jogger was designed with one primary goal in mind: to provide workers with unparalleled comfort and unrestricted movement.

“They are the best trousers I’ve ever had! They fit well, are comfortable to wear, plenty of pockets with zips and key hook. I would highly recommend.” – Biffa employee.


The ballistic jogger has already been exclusively launched to Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste management company.

Launching over 1,000 pairs of our ballistic jogger across Biffa depots nationwide, the jogger's features have already received praise from those who have rigorously tested the product in their demanding work settings.

Upon initial contact, they were noted for their unmatched comfort and softness with their diamond quilted pattern, striking a balance between smart and casual.

Employee feedback highlights the transformation from the restrictive and rigid nature of previous trousers to the freedom and comfort offered by the ballistic jogger. The positive impact on daily activities is evident, particularly for those with long shifts and frequent movement in and out of vehicles.

Paul Norton, General Manager I&C West Midlands, commented:

“There has been a strong demand throughout our workforce for this type of clothing, which not only protects our front-line workers, but provides unparalleled comfort at the same time. We are always eager to hear from our employees for ways to improve and are delighted to be leading the way in our industry. A huge thank you to the SMI team."

“Excellent trousers, very comfy and massively flexible. Best I’ve had whilst working for Biffa!” – BIFFA employee.


  • Comfortable design: The ribbed elasticated waist, complete with a cord lock toggle, provides effortless adjustability without the hassle of traditional tying. The modern tapered leg not only offers a stylish appearance but also enhances mobility.
  • Optimal fit: The stretchy fabric, a hallmark of these joggers, facilitates swift and easy movement in and out of vehicles. Elasticated stretch ankles ensure a snug and perfect fit, preventing any discomfort or interference during work activities.
  • Functional pockets: The ballistic jogger boasts an array of pockets. Hidden YKK zipped side pockets provide easy access, while combat thigh pockets with Velcro fastening and a dedicated mobile phone holder enhances practicality.
  • Enhanced protection: The inclusion of Oxford weave curved ballistic panels elevates the level of cut protection, ensuring safety without compromising comfort.
  • High visibility: The twin-needled 7cm reflective tape strategically placed on the jogger enhances visibility in high-risk areas, prioritising safety at all times.


As industries continue to evolve and modernise, the need for adaptable and comfortable work attire becomes increasingly important. The Rokwear ballistic jogger represents a step forward in meeting these demands, catering to the needs of workers who value both functionality and comfort whilst at work.

We look forward to being part of the movement that is reshaping workwear.

For more information and to register your interest for the next release of the Rokwear ballistic jogger, please visit here.