Employee Wellbeing

SMI creates a safe working environment putting their employee's wellbeing first. All employees have the opportunity to be heard; through one-on-one regular meetings with their managers, our online suggestion box and regular team meetings that take place. We have an open policy was employees' ideas and creative are welcome and encouraged across the business.   

We also offer all our employees’ access to an Employee Assistance Program completely free-of-charge, which includes counselling alongside other support services and resources for mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Employee Wellbeing

Volunteering Committee

The committee consists of employees across all levels with a passion and commitment to giving back on a local and global scale. It provides employees with the opportunity to work with members from different teams across the business and be creative and innovative.

Working on charitable projects in the community we operate in, and wider communities enables SMI to remain engaged and strengthen communication with one of our key stakeholders.  

Volunteering work

Supporting Charities

SMI are devoted to giving back to the community, through raising funds and donating our time, products, and skills. So far this year, SMI has donated over £125,000 to The Grace Trust, which helps over 450 charities and organisations involved in non-government emergency services and medical relief, disaster relief, childcare, disability support and essential medical research. 

This year SMI has also donated over 50 pallets of clothing, houseware products, footwear, food, drink, cleaning, and sanitizing supplies, first aid kits, tables, chairs, and cupboards, to the Rapid Relief Team; who deliver relief to people across the globe, as well as Petworth Ukraine Sunflower Aid; who raised £60,000 and donated 1000 boxes of aid to Ukrainian refugees.

Rapid Relief Team

Health and Safety

SMI recognises the importance of its employee's wellbeing, ensuring appropriate training is available across the business and consistent risk assessments are carried out to guarantee our employees' health and safety. 

Business Ethics

As a business we are committed to operating to the highest ethical standards of corporate governance. Having built strong, long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders, we will continue to operate with a sustainable and ethical approach. Ensuring the business meets regulations and embraces diversity. Honesty and integrity are important to us, and we expect this from anyone we work with.

We see ourselves as a trusted business where we constantly review, evaluate and undergo regular risk assessments, identifying and measuring risks and opportunities that will continue to strength the business.

Business Ethics


Transparency is another key component within this framework, and SMI continues to be transparent with its stakeholders regarding the business's operations, structure, and long-term goals. We uphold our tax and finance responsibility in high stead by complying with key legislation.

The certification ISO 14011 requires us to consider all environmental issues relating to our operations, such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resource use and efficiency.

We're Committed To

We're proud to be a SEDEX member; we follow our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines in establishing and managing our supply chain.

Modern Slavery Statement

SMI’s direct focus on developing a deeper understanding of our business and supply chain can be demonstrated through our governance framework. Our commitment towards operating in an ethical and transparent manner can be showcased in our new Modern Slavery Statement. 

We're Certified

We employ dedicated staff to manage these areas to ensure our “set goals” for compliance to these standards/accreditations are carried out and maintained throughout the organisation.

Meet Our ESG Manager

“SMI is excited to have a very clear roadmap for our climate-neutral journey/goals, but it doesn’t stop there! We’re facing up to the future, doing more with our products,  suppliers, customers and our impact on the environment."

- Lizzie Mellor, Environmental Social Governance Manager

SMI ESG Officer

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