Reducing the risk of COVID-19 with the correct hygiene usage

A guide for business owners

In the ‘new normal’ of today’s pandemic, researchers are discovering much more about the nature of the Covid-19 virus, and the ideal steps to take to maintain business operations, while keeping employees and customers safe. To date, there have been some constants when it comes to recommendations for preventing transmission between individuals. These constants are formulated through our existing understanding of Coronavirus, how it is passed from person to person, and what business owners need to implement, to continue to operate in safety.

When it comes to the health and safety of the workforce and clients, the onus is fully upon the business owner to ensure absolute compliance with the deployment of hygiene products. The following guidance summarises the steps required, to adhere to best practice in the workplace.

Keep workspaces clean and hygienic

The first rule of thumb for safeguarding customers and staff lies in stringent cleanliness. As the virus can be transmitted through surface contact, as well as via airborne spread, the work environment needs to be continually cleaned, with a further deep cleanse when not in operation. There are a number of options for undertaking cleaning, but current guidance suggests that use of soap and water, followed by a sanitizer product, provides the best level of protection against surface contamination.

Products recommended for sanitizing work environments

From offices to warehouses, hospitals to schools, all spaces which are shared by staff and/or customers need to have the correct products available to eliminate the risk of transmitting the disease, as far as possible. Hand Sanitizer Stations need to be placed in accessible areas, with signage to encourage people entering the environment to use it. The following products are all compliant for deployment in different working environments. We have all products in stock, available for next-day delivery:

In schools, colleges and universities

Product code: OJH-13643

The SureSan LUX 500ml foot operated sanitizing dispenser provides a stylish and simple to operate solution for classroom environments, due to its compact size and robust aluminium frame. As it is pedal operated, pupils and teachers can access hand sanitizer easily, without the risk of transmission through manual operation.

It features a heavy vacuum-formed black base with rubber feet to provide stability, keeping children safe from the risk of injury from the Station falling. Compatible with our Hand Sanitizer Gel, it’s an ideal solution for busy classroom areas.

In warehouse areas, factories and retail environments
Product Code: OJH-13603
Current guidance suggests that implementing social distancing in warehouse environments is a key aspect of inhibiting the spread of Covid-19. Business owners should use tape and signage where possible to encourage a single flow of pedestrian traffic, and provide ample hand sanitizer in communal areas, work spaces and washroom facilities.

In areas where there is significant risk of surface transmission, spray sanitizer needs to be used regularly, in conjunction with deep cleaning at the culmination of each shift where this is practicable.

All staff need to be equipped with a good supply of hand sanitizer, provided through automatic dispensers such as our SureSan SureSan XP Automatic Gel or Soap 1000ml Dispenser. The product delivers a measured amount of Hand Sanitizer (or soap) which adheres to current guidance relating to volume. The hands-free operation limits the potential for surface transmission of the Covid-19 virus through shared handling between teams.

In nursing and healthcare settings

Product code: OJH-13574

Busy indoor spaces which have a high volume of pedestrian traffic are considered to have the highest risk of passing Covid-19 through infected individuals. Ensuring that staff have access to a regular supply of Hand Sanitizer is a critical element of the wider requirements for managing the current pandemic.

Products such as our 5L Hand Sanitizer Gel are proven to break down the Coronavirus, by dissolving cells and preventing them from having the ability to reproduce.

Healthcare and Nursing facilities are now required to ensure that patients and staff have access to Hand Sanitizer upon entry and exit to the building, and at the entrance to every ward, as a minimum. Washroom facilities need to have reliable supplies of hand soap, with appropriate signage prompting visitors and staff to observe positive hand hygiene through regular washing.

In community venues and for field working staff, transport and logistics

Staff working in the community need compact, portable ways to sanitize on the go, to ensure that they are protected when in communal areas, or coming into contact with members of the public in enclosed spaces.

Providing your team out on the road with a practical ‘all in one’ hygiene kit will keep staff confident that they can access effective hygiene products to sanitize spaces while wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

Our Personal Hygiene Kits contain surface sanitizer, disposable gloves and face masks, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer gel – everything required to adhere to current recommendations for staying safe in public areas.

In offices and corporate environments

Office environments can often be more suitable for social distancing, with the opportunity to build in cubicles and screens. In corporate spaces, having a ready supply of hand sanitization products available for employees is the first port of call for business owners. Office spaces require a Sanitizer Station at regular intervals, particularly in entrance ways. Staff also require liquid soap dispensers in washrooms, with clear signage promoting regular hand washing.

Train your team to follow the governmental basic safety recommendations, including social distancing at a 2-metre distance where possible, using face masks in communal areas, and catching coughs and sneezes into the elbow or a clean tissue. Dispose of soiled tissues safely in the bin, and wash your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Encourage your team to report immediately should they display any symptoms of the virus, such as a persistent dry cough, or abnormally high body temperature. Follow the guidance on encouraging staff to self-isolate at home should they, or a member of their family, exhibit any symptoms or test positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Ensure fixtures and fittings such as elevator buttons and handrails on escalators, door handles, communal telephones and shared desks are disinfected regularly using an approved sanitizer spray or gel. Encourage staff to remain vigilant, and provide your team with regular tool-box talks to reiterate the importance of practicing sound hand hygiene in the workplace.

For workplace cleaning staff

Workplace cleaning teams should be undertaking deep surface cleans using Sanitizer Spray after wiping down all commonly-touched surfaces, including door handles, light switches, kettles and other fixtures which come into contact with multiple employees on a regular basis. Sanitizer Spray for surfaces which have antibacterial properties such as our SureSan range are ideal for use in restricting onward transmission of the virus, as they work to break down the cell structure and prevent them from being able to reproduce or regenerate.

There is currently no requirements issued by Health Organisations pertaining to the deployment of specialist Personal Protective Equipment for cleaning operatives. However, disposable gloves, masks and aprons are all useful in keeping teams safe. Cloths should preferably be single use and disposable, and if this is not viable, ensure that cleaning cloths are laundered at high temperatures after each use.

Let SMI help – your partners in safety

In the ‘new normal’ of the post-Covid-19 world, business owners are under more pressure than ever before to equip their teams with the correct Personal Protective Equipment, safety wear and hygiene products. If you’re seeking the very latest guidance on how to protect your workforce in these challenging times, let SMI support you.

Our friendly Customer Service Executives work at the front line of the safety sector, researching emerging approaches, and maintaining full visibility of our industry. We’re on hand as your partners in safety, to ensure you are upholding your responsibilities to your customers and employees as we work together, to reduce the risks posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.