Taking steps to protect and preserve our planet has become a large focus for SMI in recent years. We have strived to align our company ethos, business, and sustainable goals with a holistic approach.  This has helped us to recognise the importance of joining the fight against climate change and the vital need for everyone to contribute.

SMI’s ESG 2030 strategy focuses on the mitigation and strategies we have outlined for the next seven years, forming our journey to becoming net zero by 2050. Embarking on our net zero journey SMI have started analysing our value and supply chain, looking at our three Scopes and offsetting our carbon emissions through Climate Partner.

Benefits of partnering with SMI

Here at SMI, we want to support our customers with their own ESG journey, using our business network to make a greater environmental change. We hope to be a source of information and a helping hand for our customers, whether it's through inspiration from our ESG projects, collaboration schemes or with direct carbon reduction.  

We have diversified our offerings to customers, to ensure we can meet their needs, not just for Workwear and PPE, but as an aid for climate action. Some of the resources we are providing are: 

  • Calculations of how many plastics bottle our customers have saved from landfill through purchasing garments from our Sustainable Range
  • The total emissions saved when ordering our carbon neutral gloves.
  • Identifying the quantity of products that have been recycled, recovered, or repurposed through utilising our Recycling Scheme
  • Assistance with our customers Scope 3 reporting, through providing the necessary data required for raw materials, packaging and transports; such as the weight of garments, materials and manufacturing origin for both products and packaging. 
  • Reducing our customers carbon impact through our automatic tree planting scheme, with tree quantities in relation to order values.

Our promise to our customers

Our ESG strategy provides our customers with a detailed insight into the vital actions SMI have undertaken and the greater long-term goals we are working towards achieving. Climate change, social impact and responsible practices are ever evolving topics which are driven by external forces, influencing how businesses operate on a global scale. We will share our key wins; challenges we have faced in the hope to act as a helpful guide for our customers who share our commitment and ethos towards protecting and preserving our planet.

Our ESG 2030 strategy will be a line of communication between SMI and our customers, ensuring they are kept up to date on all the ways SMI can help improve your own ecological footprint, alongside sharing our own journey.     

Take a positive step towards improving your carbon footprint

Partner with SMI

Whether your starting your own ESG journey, or already on your way, SMI will support you in achieving your ESG goals as a proud sustainable suppler of vital workplace products and safety workwear.