1,112 trees in total were planted by SMI in January 2023!

As SMI continues our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact for the planet, we are introducing a new tree planting scheme whereby your orders can help make a difference against the climate crisis. With every £1000 order placed, we are planting a tree on our customers behalf – growing our SMI forest!

In January 2023, we planted 716 trees for our customers through Brynk, a start-up with a big ambition to tilt the world's climate back, favouring a habitable future by using the latest technology and best methods. They are joined by international leading organisation and projects including; Eden Project, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard helping to make a tangible impact on the planet.

Brynk undertake a rigorous onboarding process when selecting their partners, ensuring they are credible, respected, and trusted organisations dedicated to reforesting degraded land and removing CO2, whilst providing job opportunities to local communities.


Ensuring we are working hard to provide the same level of protection we offer our customers to the planet and its people, SMI are also dedicated to using this tree planning scheme as a way of counterbalancing the emissions associated with our own road mileage.

In 2022, SMI’s transportation of products from the factories to our distribution centre in Fareham totalled to 71,563 miles. Following our ethos as a business to improve our ecological footprint and infect positive change on an environmental and social scale we successfully planted an additional 396 trees* working with Brynk. 

*This is estimated to be the equivalent to offset our road mileage emissions from 2022.

Circular Economy

SMI are delighted to be offering products and schemes which help and encourage our customers on their own sustainable journey. Our Sustainable Range offers recycled alternatives to workwear, hi-vis, safety footwear and hand protection, without compromising on quality, durability or style! Once your workwear and PPE products reach the end of their product life, you can take advantage of our Recycling Scheme, where we follow a ‘Zero to Landfill’ approach so businesses can confidently recycle their old workwear, textiles, and PPE in an ethical and sustainable way.

Want to know more about how we can help your business on your road to NetZero? Speak with our ESG officer to discover how we can work together to create a safer, healthier planet.

Carbon Neutral Balance

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