Navigating the immense variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workwear for your business can take up a significant proportion of your valuable time. Working through a supplier’s catalogue of products is often confusing, and it can be challenging to select the ideal suite of items to protect your team in their various roles, each day.

The PPE sector never stands still, and suppliers launch new ranges of products in an endless flow, regularly updating their catalogue to include the latest products available in our sector. As a business owner, you have responsibility for kitting your team out with compliant Health & Safety protection, and not doing this can have significant safety and legal consequences.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the various benefits associated with choosing a complete Workwear Solution package, consolidating your purchasing of essential PPE and Workwear. PPE packages are ideal for firms of all sizes who want to streamline their product suite and maintain full control over the procurement process.

Maintaining a consistent brand for your organisation

When you rationalise your PPE, Workwear and Uniform solution, it gives you a much greater degree of control when it comes to the consistency of your brand. Issuing your team with the same high-quality branded products heightens awareness of your company colour scheme and logo when your team are out in the field. It also makes sure that each member of your workforce benefits from consistency in quality.

When our customers order from SMI’s Rokwear range, for example, they benefit from affordable, durable products which have been designed and produced in specific response to our customers’ needs and preferences. This provides a number of unique features which are not available on existing product ranges, meaning your team gain improved products, without an associated increase in price. For example, our Ballistic Cargo Trouser features hi-viz material, and also has multiple pockets for keeping tools close to hand.

Rationalising your PPE and Workwear catalogue

When your business doesn’t have an approved range of products to provide for your entire workforce, it can lead to inefficiencies such as rogue spending, and non-authorised product selection. By creating a package of approved PPE, you gain full visibility over the products which your team are being provided with, to maintain control over spending and the compliance of the products which they are using in their roles each day. It also gives you the ability to choose products which perform more than one function, enabling you to slim down your catalogue and simplify the procurement process.

Products such as our Rokwear Safety Boot combines multiple features including breathability and waterproofing, meaning they can perform multiple tasks in one single item. A great PPE provider will be able to recommend products to keep your team safe from head to toe, through ear protection, hard hats, respiratory protection, eyewear, gloves, clothing and boots, for a complete package that you can click and have delivered without having to deviate from the approved range of products, each time you order.

Benefitting from a single fully managed Workwear solution

When you opt for a provider to deliver a fully managed workwear solution, you often have the advantage of gaining discounted rates for bulk purchasing. It also provides you with much more consistency in terms of the quality of the products which you purchase, and the reliability of supply. Using a single provider can enable them to anticipate demand for products across your contract and maintain stock levels accurately based upon forecasting against the previous year of spending. It also has the benefit of reducing the administration you need to procure your PPE, as you have a single organisation to deal with for day to day queries and issues.

At SMI, we maintain the family values upon which we were founded, no matter how much we grow organically from our inception. This enables us to provide our customers with a truly personal service, yet maintain the infrastructure to adapt as our customers grow. Having one single provider enables you to build up a genuine partnership together, based upon trust, consistency and transparency.

Maximising the power of your brand

If you invest in a complete workwear solution for your team, you have the ability to brand items to maximise customer awareness when your team are out in the field each day. It ensures that all your branded workwear and PPE has a consistent look and feel, creating a smart and unified look which your customers will take note of. At SMI, we conduct all our branding in-house, through our dedicated heatseal and embroidery divisions – enabling us to deliver within faster lead times, without compromising on the quality of your branded garments.

Benefitting from the expertise of your provider

When you choose a single provider for your PPE and Workwear, it can be reassuring to know that this is the job which they are dedicated to. Reputable suppliers who focus purely on safety in the workplace are required to remain abreast of all legislation and compliance for their products. When you have a partnership model with your PPE and Workwear provider, you can ask for their support on all aspects of Health & Safety in your workplace, safe in the knowledge that they maintain a position at the forefront of the safety sector.


The answer to outdated man-packs, wearer packs enable you to select a suite of PPE and Workwear specific to a role in your organisation, and create a bespoke package of kit to fulfil all of the safety requirements of the role. This really simplifies the order process, as your team can simply click on the relevant pack for their role, and have it delivered to them by the next day, when you order with SMI by 3pm. This reduces administration and ensures that your team always have the right kit, in the right place – in expedited timescales.

Tailor-made solutions for safety

At SMI, we know that it can be daunting to navigate the sometimes-complicated world of your PPE and Workwear. This is why we work in partnership with each of our customers to create bespoke solutions designed to meet the unique needs, preferences and challenges of their teams. Whether it’s by designing out flaws in existing kit, to create new and innovative products, or providing advice on the best available products to overcome specific safety or comfort challenges with a current product range, our team are on hand to provide you with the support you need, to get your complete workwear solution right first time.