For many companies, sustainability is high on the agenda. However, implementing initiatives can be both costly and time-consuming.

That’s why SMI has introduced a workwear recycling programme that is both easy and cost-efficient for our customers to invest in.

SMI’s new non-profit workwear recycling scheme can support your key objectives

We have partnered with a trusted provider and specialist in secure garment destruction and recycling, which can help you cut your textile landfill waste by up to 100%.

Our non-profit recycling scheme enables environmentally conscious customers to dispose of their workwear safely, securely and conveniently, while ensuring it doesn’t go to landfill.

Other benefits of increased garment recycling include:

  • Improved sustainability credentials, enhancing your brand reputation
  • Peace of mind that your company’s used workwear is destroyed in an ethical way
  • Additional reduction in carbon footprint; collections are provided by our courier while making deliveries, combining two trips in one
  • Low cost; by using our new service, you could save a significant cost, based on average waste disposal charges.

A simple and environmentally friendly process:

  • Order your textile recycling box from SMI
  • Fill your box with used workwear and uniforms
  • Contact SMI to arrange collection

    For you, that’s it!

After we pick up your box, your garments will be safely and confidentially stored in secure bins at our SMI site until collection by our partner. All textiles are shredded and then broken down into fabric fibres and repurposed for a range of uses, including furniture stuffing, or floor and partition screens, which eliminates landfill! You will then receive a certificate of secure destruction for additional reassurance and to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.

Want to know more?

For more information, download our brochure, call us on 01428 658333 and ask to speak to the Recycling Team, or email