If you’ve been a customer of SMI for a while, the chances are you’ll have come across the term ‘Wearer Pack’ at some point. Wearer Packs (sometimes called ‘Man Packs’ in other PPE supplier organisations) are a great way of managing your team’s PPE and Workwear, but many of our customers aren’t aware of what they are, and how to make them work for their business. Here’s the lowdown!

Simplifying the PPE procurement process

For each role in your team, the probability is that you have an established set of kit which your employee needs, to stay safe in their role. Whether it’s hand protection, safety visors, gloves, work boots or hi-viz, each person in your organisation has a standard suite of products which is ideal to suit the demands of their role.

When this is the case, you can work with us to agree on what each role in your business may require and choose the ideal kit from our catalogue. We then use this information to create a standard ‘Wearer Pack’ – a pre-agreed, authorised set of products designed to meet all the safety needs for each role in your organisation.

When you have an established set of Wearer Packs, you can simply click to order, and our team do all the rest. We compile the approved range of products in the right sizes on your behalf and bundle it up and send to your allocated delivery location promptly.

A streamlined approach to safety

Wearer Packs take the hassle out of compiling the ideal range of products for each person in your team and streamlines the order process. It means your team get the perfect bundle of items in expedited timescales, meaning you can be confident that only approved products are being ordered for your staff. It also streamlines the order process, as you only have to select one thing – the pack – and go straight to the checkout.

If you’ve got a large workforce, this can be an invaluable time saver, as you don’t have the hassle of choosing distinct safety products each time you place an order with us. For smaller workforces, it’s still a great idea to have an established and approved Wearer Pack, to expedite delivery and ensure that your team only have pre-approved, compliant and consistent items in their chosen PPE and Workwear.

Benefits of Wearer-pack Express from SMI:

  • There is no limit to the number of man-packs we can despatch
  • The service is fully automated and managed through our proven and tested workwear management system, providing an end-to-end process which maximises efficiency and accuracy, from initial order through to production and despatch
  • Orders are simple, placed on our online integrated My-SMI website. It takes just four days to get set up; all we need is a spreadsheet with staff names and locations, and we will do the rest!
  • Man-pack Express supports different grades for staff, against which you can allocate different products, to automate ordering even further.


If you’d like to know more about how to take advantage of this neat trick to consolidating your safety purchases, get in touch with one of our friendly team today, and we’ll walk you through the simple steps to an optimised Wearer Pack arrangement.